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In partnership with decorator Victoria Coombes, I now produce bespoke photographic murals.

This page illustrates some of the murals we have already completed, and also includes a range of my images suitable for large-scale mural treatment.

After a site visit to check dimensions and wall condition, we hang the wallpaper as a team.

Prices vary according to size, paper quality and preparation time, please e mail or phone for further information.

th_mural1 th_normmur1 th_normmur12 th_normmur9 th_oddmural1
th_normmur2 th_normmur13 th_normmur10 th_oddmural2
th_normmur4 th_normmur14 th_normmur11 th_oddmural3
th_normmur5 th_normmur15 th_normmur20 th_oddmural5
th_normmur6 th_normmur16 th_normmur22
th_mural7 th_normmur7 th_normmur18 th_normmur23
th_normmur8 th_normmur19 th_normmur24
th_mural8 th_normmur17 th_normmur21 th_normmur3